Here we go…..

Wow, I never thought I would be writing a blog but here it goes. I’m really not sure what I am doing but what I do know is that after spending thirty years in the field of Early Childhood Development and Education, I have had many conversations with parents, teachers, caregivers, students and more. I have answered questions for first time parents, young mothers, grandparents, foster moms, single dads, anybody and everybody who had a question or concern. I have hugged and comforted tearful moms as they left their 6 week old baby at my center/school for the first time. I’ve assured moms and dads that they are not “that parent”. I’ve told parents my opinion of holding their child back a year before starting kindergarten. I have played the role of counselor, teacher, mediator, judge, financial adviser, manager, student, bus driver, plumber, cook, carpenter, but yet all I ever dreamed of being was an advocate for children. Little did I know it takes multiple hats and roles to do just that.

I’m hoping with this blog to encourage parents, teachers and caregivers to talk about what’s on their mind. I know most of us want to be the best we can be when influencing the children in our lives but I also know that there is so much pressure and fear that you might “screw it up” or “scar them for life”. I want to share some of my many experiences and conversations that might help lighten the stress to be perfect. Honestly, it’s my belief that if your are making your decisions in the best interest of a child, you are doing right by them. It’s not about never making a mistake, it’s about loving the child you are caring for and with that love, a little luck, some supportive friends and/or family and maybe a glass of wine -(or two) you got this. Trust me, you will make it! (And so will the children)

So let’s get talking, what are your concerns, questions comments. Let’s get real and talk about the children in your life and how we, as those that care for them, can survive these early years. Every day or so I will pick a topic but I would love to know what you want to hear about first? Don’t be scared, I always thank parents/teachers when they bring up a question or concern because I can guarantee someone else is thinking the same thing but afraid to bring it up… give it to me. Let’s talk. Can’t wait to hear from you.

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